Responsible Photography Photo Projects

Responsible photography photo projects - collaborative and participatory
 Introducing and encouraging people of all ages and ability to explore life and discover new skills through photography

Responsible Photography, founded by Gail Ward, facilitates collaborative and participatory partnerships and activities through education, culture and photography.

Responsible Photography Photo Projects  give people, who may not otherwise have the opportunity,  a chance to do something so many of us take for granted - explore life through photography.

Through using cameras and photographs,  participants learn and develop new skills,  regardless of their age, ability or background.

Responsible Photography Photo Projects:-

  • Encourage respect, understanding and positive experiences
  • Provide an opportunity for discovery,  expression and creativity
  • Help participants gain confidence in themselves
  • Enable those who are, often not from choice, the subjects of photography,  an opportunity to take their own photographs
  • Involve children, young people or adults who are often over-looked.
  • Develop talents, skills or resources that participants can use in their future
  • Encourage children and young people to pursue their education and further studies
  • Most important of all - photo projects are fun, collaborative and participatory for everyone involved!

The  outcomes of  Responsible Photography Photo Project's are very important, and include:-

  • to tell a story through the eyes of the participants, for example,provide a perspective on life where tourism has an impact on a village  or local environment.
  • to use photography as a form of inter-cultural communication between participants and people from different  countries, who speak different languages, and have different ways of life.
  • to give someone the chance to have their own photographs of  where they live,  or of themselves.
  • to use photography to help participants with disability or learning challenges, enjoy different activities to help them discover and explore.
  • to introduce photography as an educational or income-generating resource, as well as being fun. 
  • to develop an economic benefit by turning photographs into cards and gifts which can be sold to generate income.

You can read more about Responsible Photography  photo projects here.



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